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Bird Club of America's
Peachface Species Support Page

     Starting up an aviary

By Kathy Greaser, Director
Peachface/Masked Lovebird Species Breeding Partnership

    When I started I decieded that I wanted the birds inside. I would be able to check on them more often and would be able to hear any problems if they were in the house rather then outside. There wasn't an internet back in the early 90's so I had to do everything on my own. Books available were 30 years old so they weren't much help.
    I knew I liked 6 mutations so I told my husband I wanted 6 cages on the one wall of the room I decided to make into the aviary. He built 6 cages that were 24 x 24 x 18 inches each. You can see those cages and the whole set up at
     Then you have buy your stock. Shop with reputable breeders or shops. Look over the birds carefully and check why the birds are being sold. Try not to by other breeders problem birds. Buy the best stock possible. Learn genetics so that you know what you can produce. Buying your birds from a breeder you should be able to get a genetics background. If that breeder can't give you that info then I would probably find another breeder. A breeder should keep very good records and be able to answer just about any question you come up with.
    Have an outlet for your babies. Lovebirds are very prolific and you can produce more then you'll be able to sell in no time. I sell 2 week old babies to shops that do their own handfeeding. I raise only the birds I have deposits on by the time I pull them from the nest. I raise between 75-100 babies a year. So I need those shops or I'd be overrun with babies.
    Next decide on your nest box size. Mine is 8x8x9 inches. It gets a bit crowded in there when a pair has 6 or more babies, so I would enlargen it a bit if you allow your birds to raise their babies till weaning. BCA Partnership or Breeder Articles