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Bird Club of America's
Peachface Species Support Page

     So you want to breed Lovebirds

By Kathy Greaser, Director
Peachface/Masked Lovebird Species Breeding Partnership

    The first thing to consider is the time involved. It's no different raising birds then it is children. Only difference being is the children grow up and move out of your household. Birds never do. When you tire of it and want to sell off your stock it's very hard to sell them for what you invested. It's not a money making project. Don't get me wrong I love what I'm doing but it is hard work with little money reward. The reward is in the joy of the babies.
    Forget vacations and sleeping in. Birds need more attention then a dog or cat. There are always babies in the boxes so you have parent birds to care for and their babies.
     The next thing to consider is where you're going to keep the birds. Once this is decided, then stay in that area. I've seen breeders come and go because they just kept getting more and more birds till birds were all over the house and they got burned out due to all the work. Learn how many pair and their offspring that you can handle at a time and keep it at that. I set my birds up so that 6 pair are set up at all times but usually only 2 pair at a time are producing. They are set up at 2 week intervals so that I'm banding and pulling babies at a different times and never get overloaded. I shouldn't say never cus it has happened where 3 or 4 pair were hatching out babies at the same time.
    Have an outlet for your babies. This means pet shops, web pages, and build your reputation through word of month. Provide an information packet with each baby you sell. Provide customer service by helping that new bird owner learn all they can about their baby. It's a 24 hour 7 days a week job with low pay and hard work. If you still want to give it a try click here.

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